24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Emergency Services!

Emergency Services!
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We are open 24/7 - no appointment necessary for emergencies

With Emergency Services offered 24/7 all year round, at Plakentia Veterinary Clinic we are always here when you need us !
Our dedicated emergency veterinary doctors and nurses are skilled and qualified to offer high quality after hours veterinary care to ill and injured pets.

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1 Voiotias Street & 31 Al. Panagouli (Doukissis Plakentias metro station area)
15343, Agia Paraskevi, Athens - Attica

Plakentia 24 Hour Emergency & Specialty Clinic

24 Hour Emergency Services

We always have a team of veterinary professionals available on-site, so if you have a pet emergency, we will be available to help. This team consists of two employees: a veterinarian with at least 3 years’ experience, who has additionally received training in emergencies at the Clinic, and a nurse. If the need arises, the staff available on-site may be assisted by another veterinarian with at least 5 years surgical experience, who will be notified accordingly.

In the case of emergency, we will recommend diagnostic and treatment plans, while providing an estimate for emergency stabilization. All procedures and exams deemed necessary to treat the medical emergency may be performed after hours and all relevant data are recorded into our system. Along with routine diagnostics and stabilization, we can perform more complex diagnostic and surgical procedures and provide intensive-care hospitalization. If the case has been referred by a veterinarian, they will be notified of the progress on the following day, either by phone or by email.

Specialty Services

Emergency diagnostic and surgical recommendations are made per individual case and in conjunction with the appropriate veterinary specialist to ensure that patients that require specialized care receive the best possible treatment. Specialized veterinary services are offered to companion animals only by appointment. Cases are seen at the Clinic during opening hours.

In case of referrals, the referring veterinarian is advised to contact the Clinic's reception and ask to speak to the veterinary specialist who will be handling the case. Alternatively, they may fill out the relevant referral note and either submit it online or print it out and have the pet owner bring it in. The referring veterinarian may keep track of the animal's progress by receiving updates by electronic means, provided they wish so. In this case, they may contact the Clinic's reception and leave their details and email.

Our specialized services include: