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Department of Orthopaedics

Department of Orthopaedics

The Department of Orthopaedics at Plakentia Veterinary Clinic is staffed by specialized professionals and equipped with the most up-to-date resources in order to cover a wide range of orthopaedic and neurosurgical cases, as required in modern Veterinary science.

Upon arrival at the clinic, the orthopaedist in charge records the complete medical history of your animal, taking into account any pre-existing medical conditions, before he proceeds to the orthopaedic and neurological examination. Then, the patient undergoes an in-detail examination from head to tail and not only in the area where the problem is located. Subsequently, radiological investigation is made at the areas indicated by the orthopaedic examination, with special takes for the proper diagnosis of each case.


Our Clinic accepts emergency cases 24 hours a day, all year round. Every day, the experienced personnel are available to deal with road accidents, falls from height, brutal attacks, as well as animal bites that might cause fractures or other orthopaedic issues. At first, the vital functions of the animal patient are checked and its medical condition is stabilized so that the direct risk to its life is prevented. The stabilization of its condition is followed by the restoration of potential orthopaedic disorders.
Department of Orthopaedics


Prevention and early diagnosis are of particular importance in companion animal orthopaedics. In small dog breeds, anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, femoral head avascular necroses, as well as patellar dislocations are frequent medical conditions that require early diagnosis. In larger breeds, the commonest issues consist of elbow and hip dysplasias, ligament ruptures and shoulder osteochondroses. As a result, the orthopaedic examination of the animal is necessary from the first months of its life. The diagnosis of elbow and hip dysplasia can be made in the age of 4 months (5 in giant breeds) with the proper radiological examination. The same applies to patellar dislocation.

Timely diagnosis and treatment of these conditions
is of major importance for the protection of specific junctures
and the prevention of chronic osteoarthritis.


Plakentia Veterinary Clinic has the adequate staff, as well as material and technical equipment, as required in modern surgery and anaesthesiology. Anaesthesia is achieved with the use of inhalational anaesthetics and is monitored by an anaesthesiologist who checks the vital functions of the patient throughout the surgery. The most common medical conditions that we have to deal with are anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, patellar dislocations, femoral head avascular necroses, hip and shoulder dysplasias, shoulder osteochrondroses (ocd), other discolations, and also spinal disorders, as well as many types of ruptures. Another field in which the orthopaedics department specializes in is orthopaedic microsurgery in exotic animals and small mammals, such as birds, reptiles, rabbits and even rodents!

Maintenance Treatment

We are here to stand by your overage companion that suffers from chronic osteoarthritis, in order to offer it a better life quality, with the proper support treatments, physiotherapies and important tips, granting your animal a decent life at its best friend’s side.