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    Soft Tissue Surgery

    Head Veterinarian: Ignatios Liapis

Soft Tissue Surgery

The diagnosis and postoperative monitoring of soft tissue conditions that require surgery are supported by a comprehensive hematology and biochemistry lab, a radiology lab (conventional and specialized X-ray exams, such as barium meal, barium enema, excretory and ascending urography, fistulography, etc.), gastrointestinal, respiratory and bladder endoscopy, and ultrasound scans.

A state-of-the-art hospitalization ward is available for the postoperative care of animals (can accommodate 20 animals).

Soft tissue surgery constitutes the main activity of the Clinic, while the staff has all the necessary experience to treat even the most demanding conditions.

Examples of the surgical procedures performed at the Clinic include:

  • Oral cavity surgery (oronasal fistula, partial jaw bone removal, partial glossectomy, resection of elongated soft palate)
  • Salivary gland surgery
  • Thyroid gland surgery
  • Esophageal, abdominal and intestinal surgery (esophagotomy, esophagectomy, techniques for repairing/replacing the esophageal wall, Heller's esophagomyotomy, gastrotomy, gastrectomy, gastrointestinal anastomosis, gastric torsion, enterotomy, enterectomy, colectomy)
  • Hernia, perineal hernia repair (depending on the case, abdominal and perineal space with vasopexy, colopexy, internal obturator or semitendinosus muscle transposition)
  • Hepatobiliary surgery (cholecystectomy, gastrocholecystic anastomosis, duodenal-gallbladder anastomosis)
  • Repair of congenital portosystemic shunts
  • Laryngeal (paralysis, removal of vocal chords) and tracheal (tracheostomy, tracheal collapse) surgery
  • Thoracic surgery (chest drainage, lobectomy, pericardiectomy, hiatal hernia)
  • Genitourinary surgery (nephrotomy, nephrectomy, ureteronephrectomy, ureterotomy, cystectomy, partial cystectomy, ureter transplantation, urethrostomy, penile resection, prostate abscess drainage, marsupialization of  paraprostatic cysts, prostatic omentalization, colposuspension)
  • Ear surgery (partial or total outer ear canal resection, bulging eardrum lancing)
  • Skin surgery (repair of skin defects with skin flaps, attachment of limb to body, use of omentum)
  • Surgical oncology